Laser Hair Removal

The ALPHA 808 diode laser by Formatk Aesthetics is the ultimate hair removal solution and delivers outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types.

$50/Small Area | $180/Pkg of 4 Sessions
(Areola, Chin, Sideburns, Feet, Hands, Nose, Upper Lip)

$60/Medium Area | $220/Pkg of 4 Sessions
(Face, Bellybutton. Bikini, Underarms, Knees)

$70/Large Area | $260/Pkg of 4 Sessions
(Brazilian, Buttocks, Half Arms, Half Legs)

$80/X-Large Area | $300/Pkg of 4 Sessions
(Full Legs, Full Arms, Back, Chest)


The ALPHA also offers a professional-grade intense pulsed light therapy solution featuring the most advanced 3D IPL Technology for the maximum precision at every pulse.

Partial Face | $55 Single / $200 Pkg of 4

Full Face | $65 Single / $240 Pkg of 4

Hands/Arms | $75 Single / $260 Pkg of 4

Body Area | $85+ Single / $320+ Pkg of 4